Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29

Today's visit with Iggy was the best so far. He was awake the entire time and was engaging everyone in conversation. He was scheduled to be discharged sometime this afternoon and will be staying at home. Early next week he will begin his therapy at the hospital, which will last for at least several weeks. His doctor informed us that he will be able to leave his house and go to restaurants, friend's houses, and engage in other social activities right away. The doctor cautioned us, however, that he still cannot be left alone just in case he were to lose his balance. It is also still unknown when he will be able to return to school or begin cycling again. 

During our visit today he was able to communicate with people when they asked him simple and direct questions, but he was still having trouble answering questions that contained several options that he needed to chose from. Today was the first time that we got to visit with him when we felt that he was almost completely there in terms of cognition. He was joking around and being himself, for the most part, and was very excited and eager to leave the hospital and go home.

For those of you who would like to text him or call him, be mindful that he is still recovering and he might have a hard time remembering who you are or understanding what you are saying. Moreover, I will no longer be writing a daily bog, but I will still provide updates periodically regarding his status and rehabilitation. I will post a link on Facebook whenever I write a new entry. I want to thank everyone who wished him well and provided him with support during this difficult time. I know he really appreciates all the people who came to visit him or wished him well. 

Also, if anyone would like to contact Iggy's dad, his cell phone number is 619-366-8600.

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